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South Georgia is a very long way away from anywhere, and it’s very hard to get to. If it hadn’t been for Julian Freeman-Attwood’s suggestion in 1989 that we organise an expedition to this very remote island, 750 miles from the nearest airstrip, I probably would probably never even have contemplated the idea.

Lacking a private yacht, we needed the blessing of the military, who had been in charge since Argentinian ‘scrap metal merchants’ landed illegally seven years earlier as a prelude to the Falklands War. So, cheered on by Julian, I pulled strings at the Ministry of Defence, grateful for the generosity of influential top brass prepared to vouch for us, and in October 1989 we delivered thirty-six barrels of food, gas, and a bundle of skis to HMS Endurance just before she sailed from Portsmouth on her annual southern patrol. A month later, we flew down with the RAF and joined Endurance in the Falklands for the final 800 mile crossing to South Georgia.

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