Film – Magnetic Mountains

In October 2014, British climber Steve Wakeford, fell 70 metres whilst climbing on the Petites Jorasses in the French Alps. It was a fall that required him to be airlifted out of the mountains suffering from a number of serious injuries and resulted in him being temporarily left in a wheelchair – he was lucky to be alive.

At the start of a long journey of rehabilitation, he began to ask himself some serious questions – “Regardless of injury or trauma, why are we drawn to the mountains in the first place? Is risk an essential part of what we do? Perhaps most importantly, why is it that I am planning to climb the same route from which I fell?”

Having lost his sense of direction and identity, he decided to pick up a camera and document his journey. Magnetic Mountains is the film of that journey. Featuring some of the biggest names in mountain sport, explores the psychology of risk taking in the mountains, asking the big question – is it really worth it?

Directed by Steve Wakeford and produced by Menna Pritchard, Magnetic Mountains will have it’s premiere at Kendal Mountain Festival and then available to watch online at Vimeo on demand. You can find out more at

Watch the trailer below

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